Christophe Pourcel


Birth date: 16.08.1988
Birth place: Marseille (France)
Nationality: French
Height: 1,78m
Weight: 63 kg


2007: 3rd in the MX2 World Championship
2006: MX2 World Champion
1st Supercross of Paris Bercy
2005: 5th in the MX2 World Championship
125 Elite French Champion
125 French Supercross vice-champion
2004: 34th in the MX2 World Championship
3rd in the 125 French Supercross Championship
2003: 85cc Cadet French Champion
85cc European vice-champion
85cc World vice-champion
3rd in Loretta Lynn (USA)
2002: 85cc Cadet French Champion
2nd in the 85cc Las Vegas Supercross (USA)
2001: 85cc Cadet French Champion

Scar Parts used