Handlebars O² (Ø 1 1/8")

(Approx A$143.66AUD / £78.54GBP / $111.33USD)
Bar Pad Color
Handlebar Model


Aluminium 7050 T6

1 1/8” clamping diameter and 7/8” control ends diameter

Optimal amount of flex to reduce arm fatigue

Marked for precision centering and indexing

Polished, anodised, hard surface treatment for high resistance

High quality bar pad included

Used by Factory Teams :
BOS GP Team : Evgeny Bobryshev / Jordi Tixier
Outsiders Yamaha Racing Team : Loic Larrieu / Jamie McCanney
Honda SR Team : Xavier Boog / Fabien Izoird / Richard Fura
Yamaha : Milko Potisek / Daymond Martens